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Alpoko Don Net Worth 2023, Career and Lifestyle

Alpoko Don, born in 1988, is an American rapper and songwriter, hailing from Richmond, Virginia. He rose to fame with his hit single “Money on My Mind” and is considered one of the pioneers of the Virginia rap scene. At the age of 33, Alpoko Don is one of the most successful and respected artists in the rap industry.

Early Life

Alpoko Don was born in Richmond, Virginia and raised in a troubled environment. He grew up in poverty and was exposed to violence and drugs at a young age. Despite these challenges, Alpoko Don had a love for music from an early age and started writing rap lyrics at the age of 14. He was heavily influenced by the Richmond rap scene and was inspired by the likes of Clipse, Pharrell Williams and Timbaland.


Alpoko Don began his music career as a local rapper and performed at local venues. He quickly gained recognition in the Richmond rap scene and released his first mixtape in 2006. The mixtape was well received by fans and critics and led to Alpoko Don signing with a local record label.

In 2008, Alpoko Don released his breakthrough single “Money on My Mind,” which became a hit in the Virginia rap scene. The success of the single led to Alpoko Don signing with a major record label and releasing his debut album in 2009. The album was a commercial success and received positive reviews from critics.

Since then, Alpoko Don has released several successful albums and has been recognized for his unique style and lyrical skills. He has collaborated with several big names in the rap industry and has toured extensively in the United States and internationally.

Alpoko Don Net Worth

Alpoko Don Net Worth

As of 2023, Alpoko Don has an estimated net worth of $5 million. He has accumulated his wealth through his successful music career and several endorsement deals. Alpoko Don is known for his luxurious lifestyle and is known to own several high-end cars, including a Ferrari and a Lamborghini. He also owns several properties, including a multi-million dollar mansion in Virginia.


Alpoko Don is known for his extravagant lifestyle and is often seen living life to the fullest. He is known for his love of luxury cars and fine dining and is often seen vacationing in exotic locations around the world. Despite his success, Alpoko Don remains humble and is known for his charitable work and support for his community.

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