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Baby Grizzley Net Worth, Career and Lifestyle

Baby Grizzley, also known as Tayman Timothy Thomas, is a popular American rapper, born on November 7, 2002, in Detroit, Michigan, United States. He is known for his unique style and catchy lyrics in the rap industry. At just 20 years old, he has already gained a significant following in the music industry and has collaborated with various famous artists.

Early Life

Baby Grizzley was born and raised in the rough streets of Detroit, Michigan. Growing up, he had a difficult childhood and often found himself in trouble with the law. Despite these challenges, he found solace in music and started writing his own raps at a young age. He drew inspiration from his surroundings and used music as an outlet to express his emotions and experiences.


Baby Grizzley’s music career started in 2019 when he released his first single “The Purge”. The song quickly gained popularity on social media, and he started getting recognized in the industry. His breakthrough came with his song “G to the A”, which was a collaboration with fellow Detroit rapper Sada Baby. The song went viral and has over 30 million views on YouTube.

Since then, Baby Grizzley has released several hit songs, including “First Day Out”, “Lil Heavy” and “Gang S**t”. He has collaborated with famous artists such as Lil Yachty, Lil Durk and Moneybagg Yo. His music has earned him a massive following on social media, with over 400k followers on Instagram and 200k subscribers on YouTube.

Baby Grizzley Net Worth

Baby Grizzley Net Worth

Baby Grizzley’s net worth is estimated to be around $500k as of 2021. His main source of income is his music career, including album sales, tours, and concerts. He also earns money from brand endorsements and merchandise sales. He owns a few luxury cars, including a Lamborghini and lives in a lavish mansion in Detroit.


Baby Grizzley’s lifestyle is a reflection of his success in the music industry. He enjoys a luxurious lifestyle, with expensive cars, jewelry, and designer clothes. He often shares glimpses of his lifestyle on social media, including private jets, exotic vacations, and parties. However, he remains grounded and grateful for his success, often giving back to his community and supporting various charitable causes.

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