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California Spa Undergoes Name Change in Honor of Local Native Tribe

Everline Spa, a renowned California spa located in Lake Tahoe, has recently undergone a name change to honor the local Native American tribe, Washoe Nation. The spa’s new name is “Wašiw (Washoe) Wagayay Maŋe (Spa)” which translates to “Washoe Warm Springs Spa” in the Washoe language. The new name reflects the spa’s commitment to honoring and respecting the indigenous culture of the region.

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Recognition of Native American Tribes

The decision to change the name of the spa was made after the owners learned about the history and culture of the Washoe Nation. The owners were moved by the tribe’s deep connection to the land and their traditions, and wanted to pay tribute to the tribe’s heritage. The change in name also reflects the spa’s commitment to recognizing and respecting the history and culture of the indigenous communities.

A Joint Collaboration

The name change was done in collaboration with the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California. The tribe worked closely with the spa owners to ensure that the new name accurately reflected the tribe’s language and culture. Tribal members also provided guidance on how to honor their traditions in the spa’s operations, decor, and treatments.

Preserving the Culture

The Wašiw Wagayay Maŋe Spa is committed to preserving and celebrating the culture of the Washoe Nation. The spa’s menu of services includes treatments that incorporate traditional Washoe healing practices, such as the use of local herbs, clays, and stones. The spa’s decor also features artwork and other elements that pay tribute to the tribe’s culture.

The new name and commitment to honoring the Washoe Nation has received praise from both the tribal community and spa guests. The collaboration between the tribe and the spa owners serves as a positive example of how businesses can work with local communities to honor their culture and traditions.

The Wašiw Wagayay Maŋe Spa’s name change is a powerful example of how businesses can recognize and respect the cultures of the communities they serve. Through their collaboration with the Washoe Tribe, the spa has not only changed their name but has also made a commitment to preserving and celebrating the tribe’s culture. This serves as an inspiration for other businesses to work with local communities to recognize and celebrate their heritage.

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Anthony Arroyo

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