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Cart Narcs Net Worth, Career and Lifestyle

Cart Narcs, also known as Mark Lipton, is a YouTuber, podcaster, and social media personality from the United States. He was born in 1983 in the USA and is currently 40 years old. Cart Narcs is famous for his humorous videos on YouTube, where he catches lazy shoppers who do not return their shopping carts and confronts them in a humorous way.

Early Life

Cart Narcs was born and raised in the United States. Unfortunately, there is very little information available about his early life, family background, and education.


Cart Narcs started his career as a YouTuber in 2017 when he created his channel “Cart Narcs” with a mission to shame and expose people who do not return their shopping carts. His videos usually feature him confronting shoppers who leave their carts in the parking lot or in the middle of the road. His humorous and sarcastic approach to shaming these people has made him a popular internet personality with over 456K subscribers on YouTube.

Apart from his YouTube channel, Cart Narcs is also a co-host of the “You’re Not Listening” podcast. The podcast focuses on discussing topics related to communication, psychology, and social interactions.

Cart Narcs Net Worth

Cart Narcs Net Worth

Cart Narcs’ net worth is estimated to be around $300,000 as of 2023. His main source of income is his YouTube channel, which generates revenue from advertising and sponsorships. He also earns money from his podcast and merchandise sales. However, there is no information available about his monthly or yearly income, cars, or house.


Cart Narcs likes to keep his personal life private and doesn’t share much about his lifestyle on social media. However, based on his videos and public appearances, he seems to have a modest and down-to-earth lifestyle.

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