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Custom Tuck Boxes: Create A Buzz In The Market About Your Brand

Bulk producers always have a B2B approach. Their target audience is businesses for which they have to make a bit more effort. Undoubtedly you will have to make your product better enough so that the businesses only select you. But the appearance of your product will also decide your product demand, for which you can use custom tuck boxes

These boxes are convenient and keep the product protected. But the main reason that tuck-end packaging is desirable is because it allows the opportunity to present the product on its large clear surface. The brands use tuck-end packaging to promote themselves. 

Furthermore, if you want your product to look different from other brands then you must know that nothing can be more useful than tuck end boxes. You can select different add-ons and the following options to increase the attractiveness of your product. 

Here, in this blog, we will discuss some of the amazing features of custom packaging that can create hype about your product in the market. 

What Are Custom Tuck Boxes? 

A tuck-end packaging has two opening or closing flaps, these flaps tuck into the box and give it a firm look. The lids of the boxes are creased and shipped in a way so that you do not need to glue or tape them to pack the product. 

Custom tuck end boxes have a large surface area where you can present your product. These boxes are made of durable material so that the product remains free from any kind of accidental damage. 

Tips That Can Make Your Product Different 

Although tuck-style packaging is quite unique its ability to allow massive product presentation makes it an ideal choice for brands. But by adopting the following points in designing your boxes you can make your product entirely different from others. 


For custom top tuck boxes the material matters a lot. If the material is of high quality the product will remain safe for a longer duration of time. Not only this with high-quality material you can deliver your product to longer distances without worrying about the protection of your product. 

Let’s take the example of cereals. Can you even think of packing them in poor-quality packaging? Don’t you worry about the crunchiness of your cereals? Obviously, you are concerned about your cereal’s freshness, and for this quality packaging is inevitable. You can use the following material for cereal boxes

  • Kraft 
  • Corrugated
  • Cardstock


In all types of products, if you really want to increase their sales you must have to focus on the marketing of that product. A good advertisement is key to increasing the overall sales of a company. If you are selling cereals then you must use quality print to manufacture custom cereal boxes wholesale

Good printing accompanied by good tuck-style boxes will give marvelous results to your brand. You can use offset lithography to design your boxes and add glam to your product packaging. With attractive artwork, you can make your product one of a kind. 

Color Selection 

The main thing that makes packaging attractive is the color. The right selection of color is crucial for a brand. Failure to do so may cause hindrance to your brand growth. Therefore always select high-quality and appropriate colors for your packaging. 

In the market, you can find two types of color mixing procedures, namely PMS and CMYK. both of them are widely used but the brands that want sharp edges of their artwork with perfect detailing use PMS to color their packaging boxes. 

Box Size And Shape

Another thing that will give you perfect packaging is the size and shape of the boxes. Using tuck-style packaging you can pack your cereals in a custom cereal box that can portray the portion size of your product. 

If you want to target children then the best thing for you is not just to invest in flavored cereals, but also to invest in a color and small-sized packaging. This way you can easily attract your young customers who will prefer only your brand. 


For custom cereal boxes, the use of finishing is of extreme importance. There are mainly two reasons that make the use of finshings necessary. The one is the look of the packaging and the second one is the protection of the box material.  

Using embossing, debossing, spot UV, etc. you can make your product packaging appealing. And by using box coatings you can protect the printing on the boxes. This way you can keep your packaging and its internal contents safe, and ultimately the value of your product maintained. 

Is It Possible To Remain Sustainable While Customizing Boxes? 

Customized cereal boxes will remain sustainable if you select a sustainable packaging material. For instance, by using paper-based packaging material and eco-friendly box coating like matt or gloss varnishes you can keep the packaging 100% sustainable. 

According to a recent survey, almost 71% of Americans think that paper-based packaging is sustainable for the environment. So by using sustainable packaging, you can attract those 71% of people to your product. 

How Expansive Custom Tuck Boxes Are? 

Undoubtedly to get the best quality thing you have to pay a little extra. The same can be applied to the customization of boxes. When you get a custom box you have to spend a bit more than the general packaging. However, the overall benefits that personally designed boxes give to a brand are incomparable to the price. 

Besides this, there are several companies that are giving wholesale options for custom boxes. So not only the right selection of box is important but the selection of the right company is important too. 

Final Words!

Custom tuck boxes are an ideal choice if you want to become a popular brand. By designing these boxes with attractive prints and durable material you can make your product special. Keep your packaging a mixture of simplicity and elegance. Select a quality material, with attractive printings and high-quality box finishings so you can make a mark in the market and become people’s first choice.

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