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David and Nicole Crank Net Worth, Career and Lifestyle

David and Nicole Crank are American pastors and founders of Faith Church, a non-denominational church with multiple locations across Missouri and Illinois. David Crank was born on December 15, 1969, in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and Nicole Crank was born on January 10, 1973, in St. Louis, Missouri. Both are currently in their early 50s. They are known for their dynamic preaching style and their commitment to helping people live their best lives. The couple’s work has earned them a reputation as some of the most influential pastors in the country.

Early Life

David Crank was raised in a religious household in Jonesboro, Arkansas. He was the youngest of three children, and his parents were both pastors. David attended Bible college and began his career in ministry as a youth pastor. Nicole Crank, on the other hand, grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. She had a difficult childhood, which included an abusive relationship and a battle with depression. Nicole turned to drugs and alcohol to cope, but eventually found her way back to faith. She met David when she started attending his church.


David and Nicole Crank founded Faith Church in St. Louis, Missouri, in 2002. The church started in a small rented space with just a few members, but quickly grew to become one of the largest churches in the region. The couple’s dynamic preaching style and their focus on helping people live their best lives resonated with people, and the church continued to grow. Faith Church now has multiple locations across Missouri and Illinois, and attracts thousands of members every week. In addition to their work with Faith Church, David and Nicole are also authors, with several books to their name.

David and Nicole Crank Net Worth

David and Nicole Crank Net Worth

David and Nicole Crank have a combined net worth of approximately $15 million, according to celebritynetworth.com. Their income history is difficult to trace, but much of their wealth comes from their work with Faith Church. The church has multiple locations and thousands of members, and the couple’s books and speaking engagements also bring in significant income. David and Nicole own several properties, including a $2.5 million mansion in St. Louis, and are known to drive luxury cars.

YearNet WorthSource of Income
2020$15MFaith Church, Books, Speaking
2019$14MFaith Church, Books, Speaking
2018$13MFaith Church, Books, Speaking


David and Nicole Crank are married and have two children. They are known for their commitment to fitness and healthy living, and often share tips and advice with their followers. The couple is also involved in a number of philanthropic endeavors, including supporting local charities and organizations. They have been recognized for their work with several awards, including the St. Louis American Foundation’s 2019 Salute to Excellence in Business Award. In their free time, David and Nicole enjoy traveling and spending time with their family.


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