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Errico Auricchio Net Worth: A Stalwart in the World of Cheese

Errico Auricchio is widely recognized as one of the leading figures in the world of cheese. With a net worth of millions of dollars, he is the owner and founder of the cheese brand BelGioioso, which has become one of the most successful and widely distributed cheese brands in the United States.

From Immigrant to Cheese Magnate

Errico Auricchio was born in Calabria, Italy and immigrated to the United States in 1979. He started his cheese-making journey in Wisconsin, where he learned the art of cheese-making from local cheesemakers. With his passion for cheese and his extensive knowledge of the craft, he quickly made a name for himself in the cheese industry.

The Birth of BelGioioso Cheese

In 1979, Errico Auricchio founded BelGioioso Cheese with the goal of bringing authentic Italian cheese to the American market. Today, BelGioioso Cheese is one of the largest specialty cheese brands in the United States, offering a wide range of artisanal cheeses that are made with the finest ingredients and traditional methods.

Errico Auricchio Net Worth

A Commitment to Quality

At BelGioioso Cheese, Errico Auricchio and his team are committed to producing the highest quality cheese possible. They use only the freshest milk from local dairy farmers, and each cheese is carefully crafted by hand to ensure that it meets the high standards set by Errico himself.

A Passion for Education

In addition to his passion for cheese-making, Errico Auricchio is also a strong advocate for cheese education. He has written numerous articles and given speeches on the subject, and he regularly participates in cheese-tasting events and workshops. He believes that by educating the public about cheese and its various uses, he can help people better understand and appreciate this delicious food.

A Legacy of Excellence

With his unwavering commitment to quality and his passion for cheese education, Errico Auricchio has built a legacy of excellence in the world of cheese. Today, BelGioioso Cheese is a household name, and Errico Auricchio is widely recognized as one of the leading figures in the cheese industry.

Errico Auricchio’s journey from immigrant to cheese magnate is a testament to his passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to quality. Through his work with BelGioioso Cheese, he has helped to bring the delicious taste of authentic Italian cheese to the masses, and he continues to inspire others with his commitment to education and excellence.

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