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Ezra Olubi Net Worth, Career and Lifestyle

Ezra Olubi is a Nigerian tech entrepreneur and co-founder of Paystack, an online payment platform that was acquired by Stripe for over $200 million in 2020. Born on October 6, 1990, in Lagos, Nigeria, Ezra Olubi is currently 32 years old and is one of the leading figures in the Nigerian tech industry.

Early Life

Ezra Olubi was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria and attended the University of Lagos where he studied Computer Science. During his time in university, he developed a passion for programming and started building software applications.


After graduating from university, Ezra Olubi worked at various tech companies in Nigeria before co-founding Paystack in 2015. Paystack quickly became one of the most popular payment platforms in Nigeria, attracting the attention of international investors.

In 2020, Paystack was acquired by Stripe, a leading online payment company, for over $200 million. Ezra Olubi continues to work at Paystack as the Chief Technical Officer, helping to expand the platform’s capabilities and reach.

Ezra Olubi Net worth

Ezra Olubi Net worth

Ezra Olubi’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million as of 2023. He earned his wealth through his involvement in Paystack and his previous work in the tech industry. Ezra Olubi owns several properties in Nigeria and is known to drive a Range Rover Sport.


Despite his success, Ezra Olubi is known for his humble lifestyle. He continues to live in Lagos and is involved in various philanthropic initiatives, including supporting Nigerian startups and mentoring young entrepreneurs.

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