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Fred Caldwell Net Worth, Career and Lifestyle

Fred Caldwell is the President and CEO of Caldwell Companies, a well-known fully integrated residential and commercial real estate firm in Houston, Texas. He was born on February 20, 1958, in Texas, United States, which makes him 65 years old. Caldwell is an accomplished businessman, author, and philanthropist, widely recognized for his contributions to the real estate industry. He is a resident of Texas and an American citizen.

Early Life

Fred Caldwell grew up in Texas and attended Texas A&M University, where he earned a degree in accounting and a master’s degree in finance. During his time at the university, Caldwell played football and was an active member of the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets. After graduation, Caldwell started his career as a certified public accountant (CPA).


Fred Caldwell’s career has been focused on the real estate industry, particularly in the development of planned residential and commercial communities. After working as a CPA for several years, Caldwell founded Caldwell Companies in 1990, which has grown into a multi-faceted real estate enterprise. The firm serves as a holding company for a family of related companies that develop planned residential for sale and rental communities along with associated commercial buildings. Related service firms provide asset management, leasing and transactional services for land and commercial properties.

Caldwell’s planned communities include Towne Lake, Willowcreek Ranch, The Highlands, Chambers Creek, Bridal Creek, Copper Bend, Del Webb Sweetgrass, Mission Ranch and Rock Creek. These communities have earned him a reputation as a visionary developer in the real estate industry. Caldwell is known for his innovative and sustainable community planning, which has been recognized with several awards.

In addition to his real estate ventures, Caldwell also participates in various private equity investments. His private equity investments have been successful, which has contributed to his wealth. Caldwell’s success in the real estate industry has earned him respect and recognition from his peers. He has been invited to speak at several conferences and events, where he shares his expertise and insights on real estate development and investment.

Fred Caldwell Net Worth

Fred Caldwell’s net worth is estimated to be around $400 million. The majority of his income comes from his real estate investments and holdings. Caldwell Companies have successfully developed several communities, including Towne Lake, which generated a revenue of $350 million. Caldwell’s private equity investments in other companies have also contributed to his wealth.

In addition to his net worth, Caldwell is known for his philanthropic efforts. He is actively involved in several charitable organizations, including JH Ranch International and Everlasting Adventures.


Fred Caldwell is married to his wife, Susan, for over 38 years. They have two children, Amanda Grace and Lindsey, who is married to Michael McConathy. Caldwell is an avid pilot and enjoys flying planes in his free time. He has written a book called “Flying Your Business, Leadership Lessons from the Cockpit,” which talks about how the principles of flying a plane can be applied to running a successful business.

Fred Caldwell is also involved in several foundations and Texas A&M University boards, including Mays Business School. He has been recognized as a distinguished alumni of Mays Business School in 2018.

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