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Fred Toucher Net Worth

Fred Toucher is an American radio host, who has a net worth of $1.5 million dollars. He currently hosts the Fred and Rich Show on WBZ-FM in Boston, Massachusetts. Prior to that he was on “The Hillman Morning Show” for eight years with his partner Richard Sherr.

Toucher’s signature catchphrase is “Toucher and Rich…get it!” In addition to his radio show, Toucher also owns two businesses: Tourch Design & Advertising Inc., which specializes in graphic design; and The Hockey Hunt Club LLC., which offers guided sports fishing trips in Canada.

His annual salary from broadcasting alone is estimated at around $500 thousand dollars per year plus bonuses for special events coverage such as Super Bowls or World Series games.

Fred Toucher is an American radio host and media personality who has accumulated a net worth estimated to be around $2 million. He started his career as a sports anchor in the early 1990s before joining WROR 105.7FM in Boston, Massachusetts where he co-hosted “The Fred & Rich Show” with Rich Shertenlieb from 2000 to 2016. Since then, Toucher has appeared on other various programs across multiple platforms including ESPN Radio’s “Toucher and Rich” show, NESN’s Dining Playbook program and more recently CBS Sports Radio Network’s flagship morning show “Toucher & Terry”.

His success over the years has no doubt contributed to his impressive net worth of $2 million.

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Rich Shertenlieb Net Worth

Rich Shertenlieb is an American radio personality, comedian and podcaster who has a net worth of $2 million. He currently hosts the popular “Toucher & Rich” morning show on Boston’s 98.5 The Sports Hub alongside former New England Patriot Fred Toucher. His career began in 1996 when he became the overnight host at a local station in his hometown of West Palm Beach, Florida before moving to WBCN in Boston in 1999 where he eventually joined forces with Toucher.

Since then, their show has been nominated for several awards including four Marconi Awards as well as Best Morning Show by Radio Ink Magazine seven times over the last decade.

Fred Toucher Salary

Fred Toucher is an American radio host and comedian who has been working in the radio broadcasting industry since 1989. He currently hosts The Fred and Rich Show on Boston’s 98.5 FM Sports Hub, where he earns an annual salary of $400 thousand per year.

Fred Toucher Height

Fred Toucher, the beloved Boston radio host and comedian, stands at 6’4” tall. He is known for his dry wit and vast knowledge of sports. Whether on-air or off, Toucher’s commanding presence often leaves a lasting impression on listeners and viewers alike.

Stephanie Toettcher

Stephanie Toettcher is a journalist, author and public speaker. She has written for The New York Times, NPR, Slate, The Atlantic and other outlets while covering politics, culture and social issues. Stephanie’s work focuses on the power of storytelling to inspire change in the world around us.

She also mentors young writers through her own non-profit organization called Write On For Change. Through this organization she provides resources to help aspiring journalists hone their craft and use their writing as a force for good.

98.5 the Sports Hub Salaries

98.5 The Sports Hub is one of Boston’s leading sports radio stations, and its on-air staff is paid very well for their work. According to public records, the station pays its top talent between $100,000 and $200,000 annually. This includes hosts like Michael Felger and Tony Massarotti who are among the highest earners in Boston radio.

Rich Shertenlieb Wife

Rich Shertenlieb, popularly known as “Toucher” in his radio personality, is married to Laura Avery. The couple has been together since 2006 and got married in 2008. They have two children together and currently live in the Boston area.

Rich often talks about his wife on his show, expressing how grateful he is for her support over the years.

Fred Toucher Family

The Fred Toucher family is best known for their philanthropic work and commitment to giving back to the community. Founded by Fred Toucher, Sr., in 1977, this family has donated millions of dollars over the years to numerous charities and organizations that benefit both local and global communities. They have also been involved in many projects aimed at creating a more equitable world.

From providing food assistance programs in developing nations to supporting educational initiatives here at home, the Fred Toucher family’s dedication to making a positive difference is inspiring.

Fred Toucher Voice

Fred Toucher is an iconic voice heard on radio stations across the United States. He has been active in broadcasting for over 20 years, and his deep Boston accent and quick wit have made him a beloved figure among many radio listeners. Fred’s career began as a sports announcer before he moved into morning drive time talk shows, where he quickly gained a huge following.

He currently can be found hosting the Toucher & Rich Show on 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston every weekday morning from 6-10am ET.

Fred Toucher Net Worth

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What Happened to Fred Toucher?

Fred Toucher is a Boston based radio personality who was recently let go from his job as co-host of the “Toucher and Rich” show on 98.5 The Sports Hub. After hosting the show for nearly two decades, Fred sadly had to say goodbye when he announced that he was leaving the station in August 2020 after contract negotiations between him and Entercom, the parent company behind 98.5 The Sports Hub, fell through. While Fred will no longer be heard on 98.5 The Sports Hub’s morning drive time slot, fans can still continue to follow him via Twitter @fredtoucher where he continues to provide witty commentary about sports and pop culture topics alike.

Although it is sad that we won’t have Fred hitting us with hilarious comments every morning anymore, there is some good news: we’ll likely hear more from him soon as other Boston area media outlets are already looking into having him join their team! So while this may be goodbye for now from Fred Toucher on 98.5 The Sports Hub – don’t worry; we haven’t seen or heard the last of him yet!

When Did Toucher And Rich Start in Boston?

Toucher and Rich started broadcasting in Boston on June 3, 1996. The show was created by Fred Toucher and Richard Shertenlieb and began airing weekday mornings from 6-10AM on WBCN 104.1FM. It quickly gained a loyal following among sports fans in the city of Boston as well as around the country due to its unique blend of comedy, sports talk, and interviews with athletes and celebrities.

Since then, Toucher and Rich has grown into one of the most successful radio programs in history, having been syndicated nationally across over 80 markets since 2005. In 2010 they were named “The Best Morning Show” by Maxim magazine readers for their comedic take on pop culture news stories such as ‘the Hot Dog Challenge’ or ‘the Wet T-Shirt Contest’. So if you’re looking for some fun conversation about everything from sports to music to pop culture trivia – all delivered with a humorous twist – make sure you tune into Toucher & Rich!


This blog post has given an in-depth look at the career and net worth of Fred Toucher. He has had a successful radio broadcasting career for over two decades, becoming one of the most respected voices in Boston sports media. After dedicating his life to media, he has amassed a sizable fortune estimated to be around $2 million dollars.

With such impressive accomplishments under his belt, there is no doubt that Fred Toucher will continue to be an influential figure in sports broadcasting for years to come.


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