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Herman Meinders Net Worth, Career and Lifestyle

Herman Meinders is a successful businessman and philanthropist from Oklahoma, United States. He was born in Pipestone, Minnesota, in 1931. Meinders is known for founding American Floral Services (AFS), an international flowers-by-wire service based in Oklahoma City. Currently, he is retired and enjoys his life with his wife, LaDonna, and spends time between their home in Oklahoma City and their ranch in Cookson, Oklahoma. He is a philanthropist and has donated to various colleges and universities, including the Oklahoma City University’s Meinders School of Business, which was dedicated in January of 2004.

Early Life

Herman Meinders attended Oklahoma City University in the 1950s. He graduated from there and began his career as a salesman for an office equipment company in Oklahoma City. He then went on to start his own business, American Floral Services, in 1970.


Herman Meinders founded American Floral Services (AFS) in 1970. AFS began in a garage apartment and initially consisted of 137 subscriber florists. From that beginning, AFS grew to become international in scope and ranked as one of the largest floral wire services in the world. In November 2000, AFS merged with Teleflora, a competitor, to better serve the floral community. Meinders was highly honored by the floral industry, including the Distinguished Service Award from the Wholesale Florists and Florist Suppliers of America, and the Industry Service Award from the American Institute of Floral Design.

Herman Meinders Net Worth

Herman Meinders’ net worth is estimated to be in the millions of dollars. He made his fortune through his successful business ventures, including American Floral Services. He also donated to various colleges and universities, including the Oklahoma City University’s Meinders School of Business, and supported several philanthropic projects, including The Meinders Gardens in downtown Oklahoma City, major National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum improvements, and the Meinders Scout Shop in Oklahoma City. The following table shows Herman Meinders’ estimated net worth from 1970 to the current year, along with his source of income.

YearNet WorthSource of Income
1970$0Starting of American Floral Services
1980$1 millionAmerican Floral Services
1990$5 millionAmerican Floral Services
2000$10 millionAmerican Floral Services
2010$20 millionAmerican Floral Services and Philanthropy
2023$30 millionPhilanthropy and Investments


Herman Meinders is married to LaDonna, and they have supported various philanthropic projects throughout their life. They supported local literacy programs designed to aid students needing special educational assistance. They have provided funding for a number of church-related projects, including the Meinders Chapel at Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa and the Meinders Hall at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California. They have also contributed funds to build several houses for Habitat for Humanity. Meinders has been highly honored by several organizations, including the Oklahoma Heritage Association Hall of Fame, the Sales and Marketing Executives International Academy of Achievement, and the Oklahoma Commerce and Industry Hall of Honor.

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