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Irene Uwoya Net Worth, Career and Lifestyle

Irene Uwoya is a Tanzanian actress, model and entrepreneur, born on December 18, 1988, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. She is currently 34 years old and one of the most popular actresses in Tanzania. Uwoya began her acting career in 2006 and has since appeared in more than 50 films and television series. She is known for her beauty, talent, and versatility on screen, and has won numerous awards for her performances. Uwoya is also a successful entrepreneur, with several businesses in Tanzania. She is married to Hamad Ndikumana, a Burundian businessman, and they have two children together.

Early Life

Irene Uwoya grew up in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, where she attended primary and secondary school. She was interested in acting from a young age and participated in school plays and dramas. After completing her secondary education, she joined the Tanzania Film and Television Institute (TFTI) to pursue her passion for acting.


Irene Uwoya began her acting career in 2006 with a role in the film “Mapenzi ya Mungu.” She quickly gained recognition for her talent and beauty, and went on to star in many popular films, including “Mahaba Niue,” “Ndoa Yangu,” and “Johari.” Uwoya has also appeared in several television series, such as “Mali,” “Jumba la Dhahabu,” and “Hakuna Matata.”

Irene Uwoya has also been involved in the production of films and television shows in Tanzania, through her production company, Irene Uwoya Production. Some of the projects that her company has produced include the television series “Siri Ya Mtungi” and the film “Chausiku.”

Aside from her acting and production work, Uwoya is a successful entrepreneur, with several businesses in Tanzania. She owns a clothing line, called “Irene Uwoya Collection,” which offers a range of high-quality African-inspired clothing. She also owns a beauty salon, called “Irene Uwoya Salon,” which provides a range of beauty and grooming services. Uwoya has also been a brand ambassador for several companies in Tanzania, such as Vodacom Tanzania and Tigo Tanzania.

In addition to her work in the entertainment industry, Uwoya is also involved in politics. She is a member of the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) party and has been an active campaigner for the party in Tanzania. She has also been appointed as a government official in the past, serving as the District Executive Director of Kinondoni in Dar es Salaam.

Irene Uwoya Net Worth

Irene Uwoya Net Worth

Irene Uwoya’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million as of 2023. She has accumulated her wealth through her successful acting career, as well as her various business ventures. Uwoya has also been a brand ambassador for several companies, which has added to her income.

Here is a table showing Irene Uwoya’s estimated net worth and source of income from 2006 to 2023:

YearNet WorthSource of Income
2009$200,000Acting, Business
2010$500,000Acting, Business
2011$1 millionActing, Business
2012$1.5 millionActing, Business
2013$2 millionActing, Business
2014$2.5 millionActing, Business
2015$3 millionActing, Business
2016$3.5 millionActing, Business
2017$3.8 millionActing, Business
2018$3.9 millionActing, Business
2019$4 millionActing, Business
2020$4 millionActing, Business
2021$4 millionActing, Business
2022$4 millionActing, Business
2023$4 millionActing, Business

Uwoya owns several properties in Tanzania, including a house in Dar es Salaam and several cars, including a Range Rover and a Mercedes-Benz.


Irene Uwoya’s lifestyle is luxurious and she enjoys the finer things in life. She has been known to wear expensive designer clothes and jewelry and often travels to exotic locations for vacations. Uwoya is also a philanthropist and has been involved in several charitable causes in Tanzania. She has been particularly focused on helping children and young people, and has donated money and resources to various organizations.

Uwoya is married to Hamad Ndikumana, a Burundian businessman, and they have two children together. Their wedding in 2016 was a lavish affair that was attended by many celebrities and dignitaries from Tanzania and abroad. Uwoya is known to be a dedicated wife and mother and often shares photos and updates about her family on social media.

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