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Kendra G Net Worth

Kendra G has an estimated net worth of $1 million. She is a successful musician, songwriter and businesswoman who has made her fortune through record sales, endorsements deals and appearances in television shows. Kendra’s music career began as a singer for local bands before she released her debut album “The Mix Tape” in 2015 which earned her critical acclaim and international recognition.

Since then, she has achieved much success with several hit singles such as “Ain’t Got Time,” “Trouble,” and “Love Ya.” Additionally, Kendra G has appeared on major networks like BET and MTV to showcase her talent. Through the years Kendra G’s hard work paid off when she landed lucrative endorsement deals from brands like Puma, Apple Music, AT&T and more recently Mastercard.

Her investments have also helped build up her wealth significantly over the years making it easy to understand why Kendra G is worth an impressive $1 million!

Kendra G is an American broadcaster, radio host, and television personality. She has earned a net worth of $3 million from her successful career in the entertainment industry. As a highly sought after media personality, she regularly appears on networks like Fox News Channel and SiriusXM Radio to discuss topics ranging from politics to pop culture.

Her experience as both a radio and television presenter has given Kendra G the opportunity to reach millions of viewers all over the world with her unique perspective.

Kendra G Net Worth

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Do Kendra G Have Kids?

Kendra G is a popular radio personality, author, host and entrepreneur. She has made quite a name for herself in the entertainment industry over the past few years. But one thing that many people often ask is whether she has any children of her own.

The answer is yes! Kendra G does have two sons – Khalil who was born in 2013 and Kaleb who was born in 2015. Both boys are very active and love spending time with their mom – going to the park, playing sports or watching movies together.

Kendra loves being a mother and finds it rewarding to help her sons grow into confident young men. It’s also an opportunity for her to share all of life’s lessons as they learn about themselves, each other and their world around them on this amazing journey called life!

What is Kendra G Famous For?

Kendra G is a popular American radio and television personality, best known for her show “The Takeover with Kendra G” on Philadelphia’s Power 99 FM. She was named one of the most influential women in radio by Radio Ink Magazine in 2013. In addition to her work as a DJ, she also serves as an ambassador for organizations such as The National Kidney Foundation and The Lupus Foundation of America.

Her mission is to use her platform to raise awareness about health issues and create connections between people all over the world. Her fans admire her passionate spirit, positive attitude, and willingness to help others; they have even dubbed themselves ‘G-Fam’! Kendra G has become an icon in the hip hop industry with millions of followers across social media platforms.

With each passing year, Kendra continues to push boundaries and take on new projects that are sure to make waves within the entertainment industry.

Is Kendra G Still on Wgci?

Kendra G is no longer with WGCI. The popular Chicago radio personality had been a fixture of the station for over two decades, hosting morning shows and special events. Unfortunately, in August 2020 Kendra announced that she was leaving WGCI to pursue other opportunities.

Despite her departure from the airwaves, fans are still able to connect with her on social media where she continues to share music and content related to her career. With an impressive resume including stints at various stations across the Midwest, Kendra continues to be active in broadcasting and entertainment as she looks forward to what lies ahead.

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Kendra G Wgci Salary

Kendra G is the current morning radio show host for WGCI in Chicago, Illinois. According to sources, her annual salary is estimated to be around $900 thousand per year. She has been a part of the team since 2012 and has built an impressive reputation over the years; making her one of the highest-paid radio personalities in America.

Kendra Monique Gilliams

Kendra Monique Gilliams is an inspiring entrepreneur and philanthropist from Atlanta, Georgia. She is the founder of several non-profit organizations that focus on empowering women, children and families. Her mission is to create a better world for all through education, health care access, financial literacy, and leadership development.

In 2018 she was selected by Forbes Magazine as one of “30 Under 30” Social Entrepreneurs making a difference in their communities.

Kendra G Net Worth 2022

Kendra G is an American YouTuber and social media star who has amassed a net worth of $2 million as of 2022. She started her career in 2016 when she first launched her YouTube channel, where she uploads makeup tutorials, lifestyle vlogs, and other entertaining content. She has also made money from brand collaborations and endorsements on Instagram, where she has over 6 million followers.

Kendra G’s estimated net worth for the year 2022 stands at an impressive $2 million.

Kendra G Married

Kendra G is a popular American radio host and TV personality who recently got married. On April 25th, 2020, Kendra G tied the knot with her long-term boyfriend, Tyler Williams, in front of family and friends at the beautiful venue The Estate on Second in Upland, California. Their special day was filled with love and joy as they celebrated their commitment to one another!


Kendra G is an American radio host, author, and public speaker. She has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry through her hard work and dedication to her craft. Her current net worth stands at an impressive $2 million dollars.

With such success under her belt it’s no surprise that Kendra G will continue to be one of the most influential women in the world of media and entertainment. As she continues to make strides in both radio hosting and writing, there’s no telling how high her net worth may go!


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