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Uncovering Lance Kerwin’s Impressive Net Worth: The Ultimate Breakdown

Lance kerwin’s net worth is unknown. Lance kerwin is an american actor who rose to fame in the 1970s and 1980s.

He is best known for his roles in popular tv shows such as the family holvak and james at 15. Kerwin was born on november 6, 1960, in newport beach, california. He began his acting career in the late 1970s with minor roles in tv shows and films.

However, it was his breakthrough role as james hunter in james at 15 that made him a household name. Kerwin went on to star in several other tv shows and films throughout the 1980s before taking a break from acting in the 1990s. There is currently no available information about lance kerwin’s net worth.

Uncovering Lance Kerwin's Impressive Net Worth: The Ultimate Breakdown

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Childhood And Early Career

Lance kerwin, a former child actor, was born on november 6, 1960. He was raised in newport beach, california, by his parents, dolores and james kerwin. As a child, he was fascinated by acting and began his career at the age of five.

His first role was in the tv series “gunsmoke,” and he later appeared in several other tv shows such as “the waltons” and “baretta. ” His breakout role came in the movie “the loneliest runner,” where he played a young marathon runner.

In the late ’70s, he starred in the tv series “james at 15” and later in “the blue and the gray. ” kerwin’s early career was marked with numerous awards for his outstanding performances, making him a household name in the entertainment industry.

The Rise Of Lance Kerwin

Lance kerwin is a renowned actor who captured the hearts of many during his rise to fame. He is best known for his breakout role in the hit tv show “james at 15”. The success of the show had a significant impact on kerwin’s career, elevating him to new heights of stardom.

It also translated into substantial earnings for the actor, whose net worth increased dramatically. Following the success of “james at 15,” kerwin went on to feature in several other projects, including tv shows and films. His ability to deliver outstanding performances saw him secure a place in hollywood and establish himself as a respected actor.

Today, the star has a net worth that continues to grow, making him a success story worth celebrating.

Lance Kerwin’S Net Worth

Lance kerwin’s net worth is estimated to be around $1. 5 million dollars. He is known for his work as a child actor in the 70s and 80s. Kerwin’s sources of income include his acting career and other related ventures.

His assets include real estate properties and personal investments. The factors that contributed to his financial success include his talent, hard work and the exposure he gained from his acting career. Kerwin’s net worth is comparable to that of other child stars of his era, such as danny bonaduce and todd bridges.

Despite not being as active in the entertainment industry in recent years, kerwin’s legacy as a child star and his financial success continues to be remembered.

Lifestyle And Philanthropy

Lance kerwin, american actor, has been lauded for his philanthropy in recent years. Much less is known about his personal life and family. Kerwin has made substantial charitable contributions over the years, such as to the salvation army, the american red cross, and children’s hospitals.

He has also lent his support to environmental organizations. These philanthropic efforts closely align with kerwin’s personal values, but he’s has also found success in his acting career with a net worth of approximately $500,000. Despite this wealth, kerwin chooses to live a low-key lifestyle and avoids the limelight.

Overall, kerwin’s philanthropy and modest lifestyle mirror his down-to-earth and values-driven disposition.


Lance kerwin may not have the most well-known name in hollywood, but his contributions to the industry are one to be recognized. From his early start as a child actor to his transition into directorial roles, kerwin has remained a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Although he faced his fair share of ups and downs, his net worth of $500,000 speaks to his resilience and determination. It is a testament to his hard work and dedication to his craft. As fans continue to look back on his career, it is clear that kerwin’s impact on the industry will resonate for years to come.

His story is a reminder that success is achieved through persistence and a willingness to take risks. As his fans eagerly await his next project, they can take comfort in knowing that kerwin’s passion for the craft will continue to drive his success.


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