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LeAw Leave Everything and Wander Net Worth, Career and Lifestyle

Luca and Sara are the dynamic duo behind the YouTube channel, LeAw Leave Everything and Wander. They are a married couple from Italy who share their travel adventures and offer tips and advice on their channel. Luca was born on September 19, 1981, in Italy, while Sara was born on July 1, 1983, also in Italy. They are both currently in their 30s and work as full-time content creators. Their channel has gained popularity over the years, and they currently have over 127,000 subscribers and 25.8 million views on their videos.

Early Life

Luca and Sara both grew up in Italy and met in 2006. They shared a passion for travel and began exploring the world together. They documented their adventures through photography and videography, and eventually decided to start a YouTube channel to share their experiences with others.


Luca and Sara’s career is focused on content creation, primarily through their YouTube channel, LeAw Leave Everything and Wander. Their channel features videos of their travel adventures, showcasing the destinations they visit and offering tips and advice for other travelers. They offer a unique perspective on travel, highlighting both the highs and lows of their experiences. Their videos are beautifully shot and edited, making them engaging and enjoyable to watch.

In addition to their YouTube channel, Luca and Sara also have a website where they share travel guides and tips. They are active on social media and frequently engage with their followers. They have also partnered with a number of brands for sponsored content, including travel companies and hotels.

Over the years, their channel has grown in popularity, and they have gained a loyal following of subscribers. They have also been recognized for their work, receiving nominations for the Shorty Awards and the Blog Awards. Luca and Sara have been able to turn their passion for travel into a successful career, and they continue to inspire others to explore the world around them.

LeAw Leave Everything and Wander Net Worth

LeAw Leave Everything and Wander Net Worth

Luca and Sara’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. Their primary source of income is their YouTube channel, where they earn revenue from ads and sponsorships. They also earn income from their website and social media channels. Over the years, their net worth has steadily increased as their channel has grown in popularity. The following table shows their estimated net worth and income history:

YearEstimated Net WorthIncome Source
2016$250,000YouTube, Website
2017$500,000YouTube, Website, Social Media
2018$750,000YouTube, Website, Social Media, Sponsorships
2019$900,000YouTube, Website, Social Media, Sponsorships
2020$1,000,000YouTube, Website, Social Media, Sponsorships

Luca and Sara currently live in a modest home in Italy and own a few cars for their travels. They prefer to spend their money on experiences rather than material possessions.


Luca and Sara’s lifestyle is centered around travel and exploration. They frequently travel to new destinations and share their experiences with their followers. They are both vegan and enjoy trying new foods on their travels. In addition to their travel adventures, they also enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing. They have been married since 2012 and share a strong bond through their shared love of travel.

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