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Mariah Fineman Net Worth, Career and Lifestyle

Mariah Fineman is a reality television personality best known for her appearance in the hit TLC show, “90 Day Diaries.” She was born on September 7, 1994, in the United States and is currently 28 years old. Mariah rose to fame after her appearance on the popular show where she documents her journey with her fiancé as they navigate through the challenges of a long-distance relationship.


Early Life

Not much is known about Mariah’s early life. However, it is known that she grew up in the United States and was raised in a loving family. Mariah has always been an adventurous person and has traveled extensively, which has helped her develop an open-minded and accepting attitude towards different cultures and ways of life.



Mariah Fineman’s career began with her appearance on the reality show “90 Day Diaries” in 2021. The show follows couples who have applied for a K-1 visa, which allows them to bring their foreign partner to the United States. Mariah’s storyline focused on her relationship with her fiancé, who is from Morocco. The couple faced several challenges, including cultural differences and language barriers, but they overcame these obstacles and eventually got married.

Mariah Fineman Net Worth

As of 2023, Mariah Fineman’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. Her primary source of income is from her appearance on “90 Day Diaries,” and she also earns money through sponsorships and endorsements on social media. Mariah lives a comfortable life, and she owns a luxury car and a house.



Mariah Fineman is a confident and independent woman who enjoys living life to the fullest. She is an avid traveler and loves to explore new places and cultures. Mariah is also a fitness enthusiast and enjoys working out and eating healthy. In her free time, she likes to spend time with her friends and family and is also passionate about fashion and beauty.


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