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Mary Miller Net Worth, Career and Lifestyle

Mary Miller is a renowned American fisherman, reality television personality, and homesteader who gained fame for her appearance on the Discovery Channel’s “Port Protection” series. She was born in 1955 in Port Protection, Alaska, and currently, she is 68 years old. Mary Miller is a well-known personality who has dedicated her life to living off the grid in the remote wilderness of Alaska.


Early Life

Mary Miller was born and raised in Port Protection, a small, isolated village in Alaska. She grew up in a family of fishermen, and from an early age, she learned the skills required to live off the land. Mary Miller spent her childhood hunting, fishing, and living off the grid, preparing her for a life of self-sufficiency in the wilderness.



Mary Miller’s career began as a fisherman, just like her family. She became an expert fisherwoman, capable of catching large fish with ease. In 2015, Mary Miller made her debut on Discovery Channel’s “Port Protection,” a reality television series that follows the lives of people who live off the grid in the wilderness of Alaska. Mary Miller quickly became one of the most popular cast members of the show, gaining a large following of fans who were captivated by her skills, knowledge and passion for the wilderness.

Mary Miller Net Worth

Mary Miller Net Worth

Mary Miller’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000, as of 2021. Her primary source of income is from her fishing and reality television career. Mary Miller has a modest lifestyle and has never been one to flaunt her wealth. She owns a small house in Port Protection and a fishing boat, which she uses to catch fish for her livelihood.



Mary Miller lives a simple and modest lifestyle in Port Protection, Alaska. She spends most of her time fishing, hunting, and tending to her garden. Mary Miller is a homesteader who believes in living off the land and being self-sufficient. She has a deep love and respect for the wilderness of Alaska and has dedicated her life to living in harmony with nature.


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