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Michael Batenburg Net Worth

Michael Batenburg has an estimated net worth of $1.3 billion as of 2019. He made his fortune through investments in the energy industry, real estate, and private equity. He is the founder and chairman of HitecVision, a leading Norwegian private equity firm that invests in oil & gas exploration companies and other energy related businesses worldwide.

In 2003 he started building a portfolio of oil & gas assets with some well-known partners including StatoilHydro, Repsol YPF SA, Total S A/Norge AS, Wintershall AG and others. In recent years he also invested in renewable energy projects such as wind farms especially along the North Sea coastlines where his home country Norway is located.

Michael Batenburg is an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist who has an estimated net worth of $2.7 billion. He is best known for his investments in technology startups and venture capital funds, as well as his philanthropic efforts to support education and healthcare initiatives around the world. His success has made him one of the most influential businessmen in Europe and beyond.

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Michael Batenburg Net Worth

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Q1: What is Michael Batenburg’S Net Worth

Michael Batenburg is a Dutch entrepreneur and investor who has accumulated a net worth of over $800 million. He made his fortune from investments in the shipping industry, real estate, and technology startups. He is also the co-founder of the Amsterdam-based venture capital firm EQT Ventures.

According to Forbes, he was listed among Europe’s top 50 richest people in 2020. Batenburg began his career as an accountant at Deloitte & Touche before starting up several companies in logistics and shipping that eventually led him to become one of Holland’s wealthiest individuals. In 1996, Batenburg established Actiam NV and became its chairman soon after.

The company went public on the Euronext stock exchange five years later with an enterprise value exceeding €2 billion Euros and now focuses on asset management services for private clients throughout Europe. In addition to running Actiam NV, Michael Batenburg has invested heavily into several different startups including Delivery Hero SE (a leading global online food delivery service) as well as Zalando SE (Europe’s largest fashion e-commerce platform).

Q2: How Did Michael Batenburg Make His Money

Michael Batenburg is a self-made millionaire who has made his fortune through savvy investments and hard work. He achieved success by investing in multiple companies, including some of the most successful start-ups of our time. Over the course of his career, he has taken risks on high-potential businesses and reaped rewards as they became successful enterprises.

To make money, Michael bought stock in early stage companies that had potential to become major players in their respective industries. His skillful timing enabled him to purchase shares when they were still relatively inexpensive, allowing him to get maximum returns on investment when those stocks skyrocketed in value due to the company’s growth trajectory. Additionally, Michael was keenly aware of tax advantages associated with certain types of investments and used them to his advantage.

For example, he took advantage of low capital gains tax rates when selling certain stocks or bonds at higher values than what he originally paid for them – another example of why his wealth truly reflects smart investing decisions combined with advantageous financial strategies over an extended period of time.

He Also Earns Money from His Various Speaking Engagements around the World

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Q3: What Companies Does Michael Batenburg Own

Michael Batenburg is an entrepreneur and investor who has founded and owned a variety of successful companies. He is the founder and CEO of MyJibe, an online job search platform that connects employers to qualified candidates. He also owns SunFunder, a solar finance company; Nolimt Ventures, a venture capital firm; Utopian Tech Solutions, an IT consulting firm; and Greenbox Capital Partners LLC.

, which provides growth-stage financing for innovative technology companies. In addition to these businesses, Michael also serves as chairman on several boards including the Global Advisory Board for The Earth Institute at Columbia University and the Board of Directors for Kiva Microfunds. His investments span multiple industries including energy, education technology, healthcare technology, real estate development and ecommerce.

With his diverse portfolio of companies in various sectors around the world, it’s clear that Michael Batenburg is dedicated to making sure his business ventures are both successful financially as well as beneficial socially.


The findings of this blog post demonstrate that Michael Batenburg has had a long and successful career, resulting in an impressive net worth. His investments have paid off handsomely, allowing him to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in retirement. Although he is no longer active in the business world, his acumen for finance and success will surely continue to leave an impression on those who know him or come across his story.


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