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Ricky and Lesly Net worth, Career and Lifestyle

Ricky and Lesly are a well-known couple in the online world, specifically on YouTube. Ricky Ireland was born on May 30, 1989, in the United States, while his wife Lesly Juarez was born on October 14, 1990, in Guatemala. They are both content creators, known for their fun and exciting videos that often involve challenges, pranks and vlogs.

Early Life

Ricky Ireland grew up in Georgia and later moved to California. He graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in finance. Lesly, on the other hand, spent most of her early years in Guatemala before moving to the United States at the age of 12. She later attended college and earned a degree in fashion merchandising.


Ricky and Lesly started their YouTube channel in 2015, initially as a way to document their travels and share their experiences with family and friends. Their channel quickly gained popularity, and they now have over 1.5 million subscribers. They create content that is fun, light-hearted, and family-friendly and their videos often feature their children.

Apart from their YouTube channel, Ricky and Lesly are also active on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. They have worked with several brands and companies, including Disney and Coca-Cola, to create sponsored content.

Ricky and Lesly Net worth

Ricky and Lesly Net worth

As of 2023, Ricky and Lesly’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. Their primary source of income is their YouTube channel, which generates revenue from advertisements and sponsorships. They also earn income from merchandise sales and collaborations with brands. The couple owns a luxurious home in Los Angeles and a fleet of cars.


Ricky and Lesly enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, with frequent travels and adventures. They are avid fans of Disney and often visit the theme park with their family. They also enjoy shopping and frequently share their fashion and beauty hauls on their social media platforms.

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