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Sid Steiner Net Worth, Career and Lifestyle

Sid Steiner is an American rodeo performer and actor. He was born on December 17, 1975, in Tucson, Arizona, United States. Currently, he is 47 years old. Steiner is best known for his role in the TV series “Yellowstone” as Wade Morrow. He started his rodeo career at an early age and became a champion bull rider. Later, he pursued his career in acting and successfully established himself as a versatile actor in Hollywood.

Early Life

Sid Steiner was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. He grew up in a family that had a passion for rodeo. His father was a professional rodeo performer, and Sid inherited the love for the sport from him. Steiner started participating in rodeo competitions at a young age and soon became a champion bull rider. He continued his passion for rodeo throughout his teenage years and won several championships.


Sid Steiner started his acting career in 2001 with the film “Texas Rangers.” He played a minor role in the movie, but it was the beginning of his journey in the entertainment industry. After that, he appeared in several TV series and films such as “CSI: Miami,” “Justified,” “Longmire,” and “The Longest Ride.”

In 2018, Steiner got his breakthrough role in the TV series “Yellowstone,” created by Taylor Sheridan. He played the character of Wade Morrow, a cowboy who worked for John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner. Steiner’s performance in the show received critical acclaim, and he became a household name. Apart from acting, Sid Steiner is also an entrepreneur. He owns a ranch in Texas and runs a successful business there.

In addition to his successful acting career, Sid Steiner is also an accomplished entrepreneur. He owns and operates the Sid Steiner Ranch in Texas, which spans over 3,000 acres and is home to thousands of head of cattle. Steiner has built a successful business by implementing innovative and sustainable practices that have made his ranch one of the most respected in the state.

Steiner’s commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in his use of cutting-edge technologies and practices that minimize the ranch’s carbon footprint. For example, he has implemented an advanced water management system that recycles wastewater and collects rainwater, which is then used to irrigate the land.

Sid Steiner Net Worth

Sid Steiner’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million as of 2023. He started his career as a professional rodeo performer and won several championships, which helped him earn a significant amount of money. Later, he pursued his career in acting, which also contributed to his net worth.

Steiner’s primary source of income is his acting career. He has appeared in several TV series and films, and his role in “Yellowstone” has significantly contributed to his net worth. Moreover, he also earns money from his ranching business.

Yearly Income and Net Worth Table:

YearNet WorthSource of Income
2015$1 millionActing
2020$2 millionActing
2023$3 millionActing and Business


Sid Steiner leads a simple lifestyle and enjoys spending time with his family. He is married to his longtime girlfriend, Lisa, and they have two children together. Steiner is an avid animal lover and owns several horses and dogs. In his free time, he loves to ride horses and take care of his ranch.

Apart from that, Steiner is also actively involved in philanthropic activities. He supports various charities that work for animal welfare and children’s education. He is a true inspiration for many people who aspire to make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry.


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