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Steve and Lisa Costa Net Worth, Career and Lifestyle

Steve and Lisa Costa are a well-known couple in the fitness industry. They are the founders of Prolific Fitness, a training program and gym that helps individuals achieve their fitness goals. Steve was born on July 14, 1981, in the United States, while Lisa was born on September 1, 1985, in Canada. They are both in their 30s and are professional fitness trainers.

Currently, Steve and Lisa Costa are actively involved in running their gym and training clients to achieve their fitness goals. They have been featured in numerous fitness publications and have a strong social media presence.


Early Life

Steve Costa grew up in the United States and developed an interest in fitness from a young age. He was a competitive athlete in high school and college, which further fueled his passion for fitness. Lisa Costa grew up in Canada and was also an active athlete in her youth. She was a competitive figure skater and gymnast before discovering her love for fitness training.



Steve and Lisa Costa started their fitness careers as personal trainers, working with clients in various gyms. In 2013, they founded Prolific Fitness, which has grown into a successful gym and training program. They offer a range of services, including personal training, group fitness classes, and online coaching. Their unique approach to fitness has attracted a loyal following and has been recognized in the fitness industry.

The Costas are also known for their social media presence, where they share fitness tips and motivate their followers to lead a healthy lifestyle. They have over 200,000 followers on Instagram and frequently collaborate with other fitness influencers.

Steve and Lisa Costa Net Worth

    Steve and Lisa Costa Net Worth

    Steve and Lisa Costa’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. Their primary source of income is from their gym and training program, but they also generate revenue from sponsorships and social media collaborations.

    Here is a table outlining their net worth over the years:

    YearNet WorthSource of Income
    2013$100,000Personal Training
    2015$500,000Prolific Fitness
    2017$2 millionProlific Fitness, Sponsorships
    2019$4 millionProlific Fitness, Social Media Collaborations
    2021$5 millionProlific Fitness, Social Media Collaborations

    The Costas own a luxurious home in Los Angeles and drive a range of high-end cars, including a Lamborghini and a Porsche.



    Steve and Lisa Costa are married and have two children. They are known for leading a healthy lifestyle and prioritize their fitness goals. They frequently work out together and share their fitness journey on social media. In addition to their fitness routine, they enjoy traveling and spending time with their family.


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