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Steve Hornady Net Worth, Career and Lifestyle

Steve Hornady is an American businessman and the founder of Hornady Manufacturing Company, a leading manufacturer of ammunition and reloading equipment. He was born on February 9, 1949, in Grand Island, Nebraska, United States. As of 2023, Steve Hornady is 74 years old and resides in his hometown, where his company is based. He is known for his innovative and high-quality ammunition products, which have gained widespread recognition and acclaim in the firearms industry. Steve Hornady is also a passionate outdoorsman and hunter, and his products reflect his commitment to excellence in the field.


Early Life

Steve Hornady was born and raised in Grand Island, Nebraska. He grew up in a family of hunters and outdoors enthusiasts, and he developed a deep love for hunting and shooting at an early age. He attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he earned a degree in business administration. After graduation, he worked for several years in the banking industry, but his passion for hunting and shooting never waned. In 1967, he founded Hornady Manufacturing Company, which initially focused on producing ammunition for the .22 Hornet cartridge, a popular choice for small game hunting.



Hornady Manufacturing Company quickly gained a reputation for producing high-quality ammunition products, and the company grew rapidly under Steve Hornady’s leadership. Over the years, the company expanded its product line to include a wide range of ammunition and reloading equipment for hunters and shooters of all levels. Today, Hornady Manufacturing Company is one of the largest and most respected ammunition manufacturers in the world, with a dedicated following of loyal customers.

Steve Hornady Net Worth

Steve Hornady Net Worth

Steve Hornady’s net worth is estimated to be around $100 million, according to various sources. He has built his fortune through the success of his company, which has consistently produced high-quality ammunition products that are in demand by hunters and shooters worldwide. Here is a table showing Steve Hornady’s estimated net worth and income history from 2000 to 2023:

YearNet WorthSource of Income
2000$20 millionHornady Manufacturing Company
2005$40 millionHornady Manufacturing Company
2010$60 millionHornady Manufacturing Company
2015$80 millionHornady Manufacturing Company
2020$100 millionHornady Manufacturing Company
2023$100 millionHornady Manufacturing Company


Steve Hornady is a private individual who keeps his personal life out of the public eye. He is married and has three children. He is known for his love of hunting and the outdoors and he spends much of his free time pursuing his passion. In addition to his work with Hornady Manufacturing Company, he is also involved in various charitable organizations that promote hunting and conservation. He has been recognized for his contributions to the industry with numerous awards and honors, including induction into the Nebraska Business Hall of Fame.


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