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The 2023 Guide to Getting Instagram Shoutouts: Easy Steps to Follow!

The 2023 Guide to Getting Instagram Shoutouts: Easy Steps to Follow!

Oh boy, Instagram. Who would’ve thought that this app would take over our lives, right? Everywhere you scroll, there’s always something happening. And there’s this thing, you might have seen it – people giving and getting shoutouts. It’s kinda like the new trend? And the best part? It can really give your profile a nice little push. But here comes the tricky part: how do you actually get one of those shoutouts? Especially in 2023, when everything feels so… different.

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1. Breaking it Down: What’s an Instagram Shoutout?

Let’s start simple. Think of shoutouts like birthday wishes, but on Instagram. Someone, maybe an account you love or a friend, gives you a mention on their post or story. It’s their way of saying, “Hey, check this person out!” It’s sweet, isn’t it?

2. Kicking Things Off

Alright, you’re all set, and you want shoutouts. But where do you begin? Here are some basic steps:

  • Engaging: It’s just like making friends. Like their posts, drop a comment or two. Show them you’re active and, well, that you exist.
  • The Power of DMs: Sometimes, it’s okay to just ask. But, you know, be kind about it. Nobody likes spam.
  • Team Up: Collabs are kinda cool! Think about doing something fun together, like going live or starting a mini-challenge.

3. The Shoutout Swap: Shoutout for Shoutout (S4S)

This one’s pretty cool. It’s like swapping stickers. You shout them out, they shout you out. Fair and square.

  • Pick Wisely: Not all accounts are a good fit. Find those who kinda feel right, similar followers, similar vibe.
  • Keep it Real: It’s important to mean it. If you’re shouting out, make sure you truly like their content. No faking!

4. The Money Talks: Paid Shoutouts

Sometimes, you gotta spend some cash to get noticed.

  • Finding the Right Influencers: There are big ones and then there are small ones. But sometimes, the smaller accounts have better engagement. So, keep an eye out.
  • Bargain a Bit: The first price they tell might be high. So, you know, don’t hesitate to talk and get a better deal.

5. Special Shoutout Pages

There are some Instagram accounts, they’re special. Their whole thing is about giving shoutouts.

  • Do Your Homework: They’re not all good. Some are, some ain’t. So look around, ask people, do some research.
  • Play by Their Rules: They might want you to use a hashtag or DM them. Make sure you do it right.

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The Questions Everyone’s Asking

  • Is it okay to pay for shoutouts? Maybe. If their followers are kinda like the people you want, then why not?
  • How long does a shoutout last for? Stories? 24 hours, tops. Posts? Until they decide to remove it.
  • More followers after a shoutout, yes or no? No promises. But hey, it does get you out there.

To Wrap Things Up…

Getting Instagram shoutouts, whether its 2023 or any year to be honest, it’s like making friends. You gotta be yourself, be kind, and sometimes, you gotta give a little to get a little. At the end of the day, Instagram is like a big party. And shoutouts? They’re just a way of introducing yourself. So go on, get out there and start mingling! And who knows, maybe someday everyone will be wanting a shoutout from you! Happy Instagramming, folks! 🌟

Anna Edward
Anna Edward

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